Upvc Casement Windows

UPVC Flush Sash Casement

 Stylish, Secure and Energy Efficient

Every home is unique and at Tierglaze we  offer a range of expertly designed windows that will fit perfectly into  your home and give you security, energy efficiency and excellent  aesthetics.

Our UPVC Casement Windows come in a traditional or modern appearance with ultra-thin sight lines allowing for a larger area of visible glass creating more natural light with a clean and stylish finish. 

 Our Flush Sash windows are an attractive, low maintenance and thermally efficient timber alternative that is also 100% recyclable and lead-free. Our Flush sash windows are inspired by the traditional timber joinery. This means that the frame and sash sit flush when closed.  

Customise your flush sash windows with the traditional styled monkey tail handles  to add character or stay sleek and modern with a choice of conventional handles.

These type of windows look beautiful in period properties and contemporary homes alike. 


With a range of more than twenty foiled upvc profile colour options include smooth and grained Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey, Chartwell Green, Cream and Teak.

Choose from a range of hardware options  including shoot-bolt locking and Mega-Egress hinges that will enhance security to your property.

Our frames are capable of reaching WER energy ratings as high as 14+and low U-Values. Our UPVC frames are guaranteed not to dis-colour, split or warp for 10 years from the installation date.

Window Accessories

Handle colours are available in White, Black, Grey, Gold, Chrome and Silver to achieve your desired look.

Trickle vents can be seamlessly integrated into the frames to bring extra ventilation, which can be opened and closed to control the airflow.  

 We offer Liniar, Aluplast, Koemmerling and Rehau window profiles.

As well as special order Gealan, Residence 7 and