The classic conservatory

Our classic conservatory option makes use of a glass roofing, allowing natural light to pour into your home. Due to the use of full height glazing this conservatory will bring a bright and spacious feel. 

The insulated pelmet installed into this system allows you to enjoy a heightened degree of thermal efficiency, with any lightning option installed complementing the central panel to illuminate your conservatory. 

If you are looking for a place to relax, no matter the weather, look no further than our classic conservatory.

Glazing Options

We can supply a range of smart glass options. This range is suitably designed to solve common conservatory problems such as being to hot or cold and too noisy.

Glazing options such as Neutral, Blue, Bronze and Ultimate Blue, Heat reflection which will reduce heat build up in summer or our self clean glass making it easier to maintain. 

Our styles



This is the most popular style of conservatory. This style comprise the three-facets Victorian featuring a bay front with three main windows at wide angles.


This conservatory has a ridged roof combined with a rectangular base, giving the classic feel of Victorian design but with greater available space. It is designed so that the ridged roof meets a gable end, resulting in very clean lines that suit many modern homes.


This conservatory is sometimes referred to as a Pavilion. The name Gable is derived from the main visual feature of the roof which has one side up right and the others sloped. 

Lean To

 Sometimes know as a Mediterranean or sun room, this is the simplest design. This conservatory is a single sloped roof with the longer wall adjoined to the house. It is also a useful style for fitting into a corner. 


P-Shaped, L-Shaped, T-Shaped or U-Shaped conservatories can be used for any of the above styles. This option allows for a conservatory to be attached to almost any home.


This style has a stepped, glazed roof. The higher part of the roof is separated from the lower by a row of vertical windows. The overall effect is impressive, with an expansion and open feel. These are perfect in large conservatories creating luxury.